BlackBerry Q10 LCD ways

Assess carefully on connector pin perhaps not on associated components in this sequence.
1. 2_2OLED_F to pin 28,30 2.2v.
2. 3_1OLED_F to pin 22,24 3.10v.
3. SYS_F to pin 3,5.(this is 3.6v battery volt.)
4. Datelines to pin 13,15,19,21,25,27.
5. LCD remainder to trap 31 via R2800 their should be 1.8v.

Just above pin employed by liquid crystal display.

Ensure your handset is fully in working in fully link adjust and pc. Its revealing red light simply.
you mentioned “after I eliminate the diode is heading to black display ” before that you observed in in liquid crystal display in working fine?

BlackBerry Q10 LCD WAYS

iPad 2 3G free iCloud unlock procedure

Hot! hot! iPad 2 3G iCloud remove solution is absolutely free. Actually it’s a hardware operation to make unlock.
Note:This procedure only works with iPad 2 3G/cellular version. Make sure is it iPad 2 3G or WiFi? cellular version iPad 2 3G has imei in back side.
Also be careful, If you are unsure of your skills. Entrust this works to professionals.


  • Disassemble the iPad, Take out the motherboard.
  • Now Have to find resistors responsible for border_id remove them, you will turn off the modem and change identity of your iPad.

  • On the model A1396 (GSM) remove the resistor r1205. On the model A1397 (CDMA) remove the resistor r1205.
  • iPad will enter DFU mode.
  • Connect the iPad on PC or Mac.
  • After that you need to restore thought iTunes, with fair of the.